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Image by Natalie Thornley

Are you a former patient?

If you are a former patient looking for ongoing gynecologic care, I continue to recommend the providers at All About Women's Care in Englewood, where your medical records reside. Other Denver area practitioners I recommended upon leaving practice in 2019, and continue to recommend, include:

Pelvic Pain/ Vulvodynia Patients:

  • Dr. Nel Gerig at the Pelvic Solutions Center at Presbyterian/St. Lukes

  • Dr. Jim Lukban of Colorado Pelvic Floor Consultants at Swedish Medical Center

  • Dr. Kathy Witzeman and The Women's Pelvic Health clinic at Denver Health Medical Center

Transgender Patients:

  • Dr. Anna Wegleitner at Porter Primary Care

  • The Transgender Care Clinic at Denver Health Medical Center

  • Dr. Mia Scott at Apex Family Medicine

Prescription of Compounded Hormone Therapy

  • Dr. Rachel Corbett of CU South Metro OB/GYN

  • Dr. Monique Martin of Global Medicine in Littleton

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